About Rosewoods

rose-and-burdockPlants never cease to amaze me with their resilience and stamina. Perhaps that’s what draws me to them. My passion for plants started with the very first tomato seed I planted on a sunny windowsill in the 70s.  I was totally hooked the moment that seedling emerged! And, what a magnificent moment I’ve experienced spring after spring for the past forty years.  That same thrill never gets old.

I’ve had the good fortune to have both small and large yards to further my passion for growing plants, primarily herbs. I like to think of it as an opportunity to get up close and personal with them. I’ve learned from books, trial and error and many fabulous teachers at workshops and conferences. But, my heart will always be right there in my garden in the backyard. That’s where I get to commune endlessly with all my green friends. And, I love it when a surprise just shows up!

I never thought I would write a blog. But my family and friends encouraged me to share my herbal experiences through this medium. I find it kind of exciting actually. I can take pictures and write about what’s happening in the garden throughout the season. It is almost like writing an herbal diary for myself that others with similar interest may find helpful.  Also, I wanted to have a place for specific herbal information at my fingertips. There have been just too many times I wanted to recall something I read or heard but for the life of me couldn’t’ remember where. So, I like to look on this blog as a modified herbal place mark for information I value.

So, if I’m not in the garden you may find me kayaking, swimming or bow shooting targets with my family and friends here in Madison, Wisconsin. Or, just maybe, I’ll be sitting on the porch pouring over an array of herb books!

I hope you find something helpful here that enhances your own plant journey.

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