Moon Elixir ‘when the shine begins to fade’

So now what? You’ve opened yourself to new beginnings, you’ve left behind what no longer serves you, and you embark on a journey into the mist into the unknown. All of a sudden you get this overwhelming feeling that somehow you’re not prepared, you’re not as courageous as you thought when you stated your intentions […]

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Dandelion Empowerment Balm

Dandelions greet us in the spring with their showy, bright, yellow flowers. And yet sadly disdained at their arrival by many. Dandelions aren’t neat or controlled. They go where they want, traverse difficult terrain, rooting even between rocks only to breath forth its golden rays of hope and strength.Imagine then encountering the spirit of the […]

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Burdock “Drawing from the Depths’

Many of you may already be familiar with Burdock, the plant whose leaves remind one of rhubarb, the plant that grows a tall stalk its second year with purple flowers that turn to burrs and cling to everything! Several years ago during an herbal intensive class, the teacher asked us to go and sit with […]

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