Moon Elixir ‘when the shine begins to fade’

So now what? You’ve opened yourself to new beginnings, you’ve left behind what no longer serves you, and you embark on a journey into the mist into the unknown. All of a sudden you get this overwhelming feeling that somehow you’re not prepared, you’re not as courageous as you thought when you stated your intentions for the year.

moon-elixir-2When the shine begins to fade, what do you do to continue your path? How do you deepen your practice?  It occurred to me to write about Moon water.

I thought to myself why talk about Moon water? Then, I recalled how standing in the radiance of the Full Moon on a clear night restored my own light and clarity. Perhaps it is as simple as the act of going outside, searching Her out and standing with open heart to Her radiance, to Her steadfastness. All of a sudden I realize that the same Moon I am gazing at is the same Moon my sisters of old gazed at. I realize that I am part of that continuum. I am part of a shared sisterhood imbued by the same radiance. I believe that our dedication and rededication at this time of year is a way to connect and reconnect our thread to the web.  What better way than to drink in Her essence? And so, I find myself talking to you about making your own Moon water essence as an elixir for the spirit.

moon-elixir-3Moon water is similar to making a flower essence only you’re doing it with the radiance of the Moon, the flower of the universe. While there are differences in technique and use, the principle is the same.  I took my experience in making flower essences from working with my teacher in Michigan, Mary Pat Brown, and combined that with suggestions from excerpt from Luna Yoga by Adelheid Ohlig when I made my first Moon water essence.   Whatever essence you make contains the energetic of that which you imbue into the water, whether it is the essence of a flower or the essence of the moon. It is that energetic that engages with your own energy to enact change.

Choose a container that sits comfortably in your cupped hands – perhaps one that you have dedicated to this purpose.  I like to use a clear, crystal glass bowl dedicated for making Moon water. I nestle my glass bowl in one of my hand crafted earth stone bowls and place it securely on a garden altar I’ve prepared. I often use a tree stump I use for seating in the garden as a tabletop.

moon-elixir-1I walk into the night with intent. I stand firmly in the grip of excitement and expectation under Her fullness lighting up the sky.  I pause and breathe deeply. For that moment there is a current running between the two of us. I recognize Her. She recognizes me. I lift my bowl filled with spring water to Her and with words or song I ask Her to imbue the water I hold with Her energy. Perhaps I take this moment to dedicate or rededicate myself to Her, to deepen in my own understanding and practice. Perhaps that night I am seeking more creativity, an abundance of determination, a brightness that compels me forward and lights my path.  Perhaps I’m asking that I will be able to express my internal knowing, the intuitive put to words or given forth in song ~ words spoken from the heart. Perhaps I’m asking that Her abundance will fill me so much that I radiate outward, sharing my gifts with the community, my passion released.

I stand for a length of time unknown with arms outstretched.  I then lift the water filled crystal bowl and hold it close to my heart. With intention I then place the crystal bowl into my earth stone bowl for the duration of the night under an infusion of moon light and hope.

The next morning I give thanks and drink the moon charged elixir. It fills me a strong sense of creativity, determination and clarity ~ all that I was seeking.



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